Touching Lives


Majority of the products being displayed, here are hand made by the women. This Institution is working on the upliftment of the backward women so that they are self-independent in life. Handicrafts raise the self-esteem & improves confidence of the women they improve the handling and production skills. Supporting handmade goods creates more jobs and prevents anyone from getting unemployed.

One can get the products available here at our shop at very reasonable price. The products you see here are beautifully hand made by the women here be it handicrafts, photo frames, gift & decorative items, spices, and many more. When things are made by hand, each one is unique in its own way.



The products are showcased in this website for advertisement and in case someone is interested to buy any of the products as a good jesture to help these women, then you are most welcome to visit our shop, we promise it is a worth, visiting this place to see how the products displayed here are hand made are so neat, clean and very beautiful and also most products are useful for our homes.

The personal shopping experience attained from a handmade purchase is a feeling that a big box store is unable to match because of its originality, quality & creativity, keep the tradition alive, eco-friendly.

Touching Lives